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QTZ100A Tower Crane

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  • QTZ100A Tower Crane is a combination of advanced technologies of the present day. The electric control system of the tower crane adopts the advanced “PLC + frequency converter” control mode of the present day, which has realized the stepless speed regulation and greatly improves the reliability, maneuverability and stability of the control system and the work efficiency of the tower crane.
  • The tower crane is equipped with all kinds of reliable safety devices, such as hoisting height limiter, slewing range limiter and multifunctional limiter to control the load moment, hoisting capacity and trolley traveling range. Its PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) unit can diagnose the cause of breakdowns. Its Safety Monitoring System (also known as Black Box) displays the data of working radiuses, heights, moments and weights.
  • The use of world-famous electric components such as OMRON, YASKAWA, Schneider (TE) and MEAN WELL greatly reduces the failure rate of the electric control system and improves the work efficiency of the users.
  • Besides, there are also electric safety devices like anemoscopes and obstacle lights and mechanical safety devices to prevent the breaking of trolley axles and wireropes.

QTZ100A Tower Crane

Model QTZ100A(5515)
Jib Length (M) 55
Free Height (M) 45
Max. Possible Height (M) 201
Max. Load (T) 8
Tip Load (T) 1.5
Wall-attached Device for Max Height (sets) 6
Main Material (mm) 135×135×12 (Square Steel Tube)
Mast Section Dimension (m) 1.835×1.835 ×2.5
Hoisting Speed (a=2) (m/min) 100/50/8.5
Min. Stable Falling Speed (m/min) 4.25
Slewing Speed (r/min) 0-0.65
Radius-changing Speed (m/min) 0-60
Jacking-up Speed (m/min) 0.55
Total Motor Power (kw) 67
Weight of Independent Structure (T) 53.69
Counterweight (T) 17.64
Base Form Built-in Type (Outrigger Stationary)


Tower Crane

The TIELISHI-brand QTZ series of tower cranes, ranging from QTZ31.5 to QTZ315, is among Toper Group’s leading products. With their working radiuses varying from 30m to 70m, QTZ tower cranes are famous for their large operating ranges, varied working methods and wide uses. This series of tower cranes has a horizontal jib frame, a jib-trolley radius-changing mechanism and a hydraulic self-raising mechanism. It is original in design, reliable in operation and satisfactory in shape. Equipped with all necessary safety devices, these cranes show a good speed-control capacity, satisfactory operating stability and high work efficiency. They can be widely used for the construction of high-rise hotels, residential buildings, high-rise industrial buildings, large-span factory buildings and tower-like buildings like tall chimneys.

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